Chapter 6:
Other Links


Think of it: the web holds hundreds of millions of pages for your perusal. Most of these pages are available for free, and by the time you have plumbed their riches, hundreds of millions of new pages will have been added.

How can your site compete with all the wondrous sites on the net? We believe the answer is: your site must be "rich."

Fortunately, there are a variety of "riches" on the web. Rich sites contain material which attracts viewers and builds repeat traffic. We classify them in four broad areas:

  • Information-rich
  • Involvement-rich
  • Product-rich
  • Entertainment-rich

Most non-profit organizations will do well if they focus their energies on building sites that are information-rich and involvement-rich. Conversely, most of us will fare poorly if we try to compete with heavily-financed product-rich and entertainment-rich sites.

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