Chapter 5:
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UPDATE! Use this link to visit Barton Spencer's page of links to Friends pages for Academic Libraries

Libraries of all sizes and stripes are taking to the Internet to find friends, tell their story, and promote events. In our book, we have taken the Penn Library's development pages ( as an illustration.

In creating the Penn Library Friends and Benefactors site, we began with a very different strategy than did the Red Cross (see our previous chapter). They created a serious site, aimed at a potential mass audience. We created an experimental, even playful, site which was initially intended for a handful of viewers. Their long-range fundraising strategy was aimed at gathering a large number of small gifts. Ours was aimed at stimulating a small number of large gifts. Their site had to represent the entire organization. Our site did not have to bear such a heavy responsibility and could be buried within the huge Library web structure ( .

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Update--New Look for Penn Library Development Homepage
For those who have read the book, you'll want to take a look at our "quick fix" interim redesign of our homepage. The site is broader in content than a "Friends," site, and we created a masthead to reflect a broader mission. Our three major divisions (the Friends organization, donor recognition, and "case" for the library) are still there, supplemented by a variety of news items to create a feeling of excitement. This interim design will create a conceptual bridge to a complete redesign currently under way and scheduled to be completed late this fall.

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