Chapter 2:
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We believe that the web is currently most useful in soliciting and acknowledging major gifts. Why? Because "that's where the money is" and that's where your Internet investment will begin to pay off. Every fundraiser who has been around the block a few times knows that major fundraising happens when you can find major donors. The ratio of time and energy spent to results gained is usually so dramatic that one wonders why so many fundraisers spend so much of their time on special events and small-gift appeals. It is a truism of fundraising: 80% of your gift income will come from 20% of your donors. This will be particularly true if your library is engaged in capital fundraising, that is, for large-scale renovation, building, or endowment purposes.

Recognition as Fundraising:

So what does this have to do with the web? Plenty.

Your development web site can be a wonderful place to recognize major donors to your institution. It can also be a wonderful way to involve major donors and major prospects with your institution in new and compelling ways. Donor recognition can lead to second-time gifts, and inspire new first-time gifts.

The web is still so visual that it can capture the attention of almost anyone. We well recall a committee meeting that included a major donor whose spouse was visiting another building on campus. When she returned, the meeting was still in progress, and so we showed her the new site we had created with her husband's picture accompanying some beautiful illustrations from his collection. "Look, you're on the web!" she exclaimed when he came out of the meeting, and pulled him over to see the screen.

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