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   Musings: Essays and Published Articles

We think of the writings in this section as the second edition of our book. It allows us to respond to new issues, opportunities, challenges and technologies as they arise.

Pitching The Powers-That-Be (March 2002)
Just posted: Adam Corson-Finnerty's fall 2001 talk on critical fundraising strategies for academic libraries

Response to September 11 Tragedy:
Articles by Adam Corson-Finnerty

Dot.calm (April 2001)

Charity.notcom: A Three Part Series

Cybergifts: A Continuing Series
by Adam Corson-Finnerty

  • Cybergifts, Parts 1-3
    Donate Now; "Pull"; "Push"
  • Cybergifts, Parts 4-6
    Tactics for Membership and Donations; Cybergifts versus Direct Mail; Ideas, Gimmicks, Cows
  • Cybergifts, Part 7
    Charitable Pathways
  • Cybergifts, Part 8
    Workspace Giving
  • Cybergifts, Part 9
    Major Gifts
  • Cybergifts, Part 10
    The Well-Tempered Alumni Relations & Development Office
Does Old Ivy Have an E-Strategy? A Continuing Series by Adam Corson-Finnerty

Other Musings

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