How can I use it?

  • Library case statement
    • Can be used as supplement or substitute for printed brochure
    • Allows for spoken messages from library staff, trustees
    • Can run more photos, charts, supplemental material than in a printed brochure at less cost
    • Allows incorporation of "value added" elements such as exhibitions, facsimiles of treasures, etc., as enticement to view
    • Novelty value (at least at present) increases readership; perceived value, especially with careful packaging, increases likelihood that it will be kept

  • Online exhibitions
    • An excellent and relatively inexpensive "thank you" gift to Friends
    • Allows a higher-quality browsing experience than possible with a slow modem connection

  • Digital Facsimiles
    • Rare or fragile materials in library collections can reach a wider audience at low cost

  • Coursepacks
    • Web-enabled CDs are in use on some campuses to give access to a range of materials in humanities classes
    • Concept may be adaptable to public libraries in partnership with other area institutions

  • Donor recognition
    • Allows donors to share the recognition of their gifts with friends and family
    • Economies of production allow incorporation of much more material than is possible with a traditional print-based recognition piece such as a newsletter article
    • Content development process allows opportunities for additional donor cultivation

  • Prototypes for proposals
    Can be used to demonstrate the kinds of content for a proposed web site or CD-ROM


For additional information, see or contact Laura Blanchard, Department of Development and External Affairs, University of Pennsylvania Library, 3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19104-6206 (800) 390-1829 voice, (215) 898-0559 fax,