What's the price tag?

  • Skills and time
    • Uses pre-existing web-building skills
    • Minimal time necessary to learn mechanics of CD-burning
    • Audio editing is relatively easy; video is more complicated but freelance help may not be difficult or expensive to find

  • Equipment
    • Basic Web authoring can be done with less than $3,000 in computer and scanning equipment
    • CD writers: $500-$700
    • Audio editing: $50 shareware plus cost of cassette player
    • Video editing: $500 for software and hardware upgrades; add additional funds for VCR if none is available

  • Production
    • To create Online Exhibition Sampler: less than one month FTE for all production management and some creative work; subsequent CDs took less time
    • Production costs: $6,000 for 2,000 CDs, including cost to design and print 8 panel four-color insert.


For additional information, see http://www.fund-online.com/ or contact Laura Blanchard, Department of Development and External Affairs, University of Pennsylvania Library, 3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19104-6206 (800) 390-1829 voice, (215) 898-0559 fax, lblancha@pobox.upenn.edu