What are the advantages
  of putting web content on a CD?

  • Instant find
    It allows you to bring materials to the attention of users who might not otherwise seek you out, or find you easily

  • Instant bandwidth
    Large files such as audio and video clips load in seconds instead of taking several minutes (as on a modem connection)

  • Instant update
    Because a Web-enabled CD can link back to a site on the World Wide Web, materials on the disk can be updated online.

  • Instant creation/universal platform
    • Content developed for the Web can be repurposed with minimal effort; staff does not need to learn additional programs.
    • CD uses software already loaded on user's computer and makes use of components included in widely-distributed browsers; user does not have to install additional software to hard drive or worry about compatibility issues.


For additional information, see http://www.fund-online.com/ or contact Laura Blanchard, Department of Development and External Affairs, University of Pennsylvania Library, 3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19104-6206 (800) 390-1829 voice, (215) 898-0559 fax, lblancha@pobox.upenn.edu