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Using the Internet for Fundraising
A One Day Introductory Tour

College of General Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Room 421, Williams Hall - November 10, 2001, 9:30-4:30

The cyber-snoop: Using the Internet for research

"The internet is the most expensive free thing ever invented."

David Lawson

  • Easy to get "lost in cyberspace" when doing do-it-yourself internet research

  • There is no "instant profile" button on the Internet

  • Strategy:

    • Find the most useful research sites for your organization

    • Use the 80/20 rule -- don't let your reseachers get bogged down

    • Turn sites into "virtual researchers" by using their alert features to bring you information in companies, individuals -- Insider Trader, 10K Wizard, e.g. Wall Street Journal

    • Be pleased with info on 50% of your prospects
Some URLs -- prospect research and library links

More URLs -- general fund-raising/internet resources

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