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Internet Workshop for Fund Raisers
University of Pennsylvania, College of General Studies

Towne 303 - 6:30-8:45 p.m. -- Nov 15/29, Dec 6

Online Syllabus

All course materials will be available online and will remain so after the end of the course.

Wednesday, November 15

Addendum: sample access report

Wednesday, November 22 -- no class
Recommended readings during break: articles cited in November 15 class; Cybergifts Parts 1-3, Cybergifts 4-6 -- check this page for additional suggestions

Wednesday, November 29

Wednesday, December 6

Addendum: resources mentioned by Maria Jacobs November 29


Instructor: Laura Blanchard, E-mail contact most reliable, phone # 215-985-1445 (home office)

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