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Fundraising on the Internet
Free Library of Philadelphia
June 27, 2000

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Gifts and Pledges Online

  • Secure server To do it yourself, you will need:
    • Merchant account that accepts card-not-present transactions
    • Way to do real-time validation
    • Secure server software and technical expertise
    Many ISPs can broker all these services

  • Online pledging (no secure server, no credit cards)

  • Giving through an intermediary: Guidestar Database of Charitable Organizations and, a nonprofit joint venture of the AOL and Benton Foundations, the Red Cross, and others, to make it possible to give online to any organization registered with the IRS as a nonprofit organization. An promising intermediate step for the small nonprofit.
    (See in action for the Richard III Society. I won't mind if you make a gift...)

  • Fee-based third-party organizations --, -- see also

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