Fund-Raising on the Internet, Fall 2000
Class List and Learning Objectives

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Name E-mail Learning Objectives
Barbara Chandler Allen To learn how to adapt our existing web site into one that utilizes e-fundraising techniques...specific ways I can employ your ideas right away
Laura Blanchard To learn what other fund-raising professionals see as their needs to develop competency in using the Internet in their work
    To begin to understand what uses the internet serves for research in fundraising and to start looking at annual membership through the Internet -- basically to know how to get started using the Internet for fundraising
Anne Costello Overview; research on individuals, corporations and foundations
Andrea Deaton Online research, especially for individuals
Patricia L. (Anne) Foster To learn more about fundraising on the Internet: general overview, building web site
    To learn more about ways of raising funds on the web from a technical standpoint.
Rob Hansell Increase my understanding of targeting fundraising/charitable giving through the Internet
James (Jim) Hardy

1. Learn how to set up online membership and donations (and ideally sales, too) that allows for good donor stewardship and security.
2. Learn how to incorporate different fundraisers into overall flow of site.

Sharon Ann Holt To learn how to make the most efficient use of my limited fund-raising time.
Maria Jacobs   Funding ideas for a very small arts non-profit group.
Sandra M. Lavini To develop (eventually) a good website for our organization. What works in terms of dispensing information about us and raising money?
Dr. Milton A. Robinson To become knowledgeable about fundraising via the Internet
Stephen Rockwell Interested in building site geared towards nonprofits. Trying to determine which idea to pursue.
William Shields 1. Gaining knowledge about various web sites on fundraising.
2. The use of web sites in researching individuals, companies, etc. for fundraising.
3. A list of e-mail addresses for fundraising.
    Become familiar with fundraising utilizing the Internet. Nothing specific; everything will be useful and informative.
    To use the world wide web most efficiently toward obtaining leads, maximizing contacts and revenue.