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<TITLE>Chapter 4: The Red Cross</TITLE>

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<p>The American Red Cross <A HREF=""><b>(</b></A> <IMG SRC="/alabook/chapters/earth.gif"> has created a model non-profit web site which should be studied by anyone who wants to use the Internet for fundraising and public relations. It is well-designed, downloads quickly, and contains just about everything that one could imagine wanting. It is also well-managed, and kept up-to-the-minute with breaking news.</p>

<p> While the Red Cross does many things, it is best known for its work with natural and human-made disasters. Therefore a crucial element of its site is that it contain timely and accurate information about such situations. A key strategy for this site, as for any disaster or relief agency, is that visitors can quickly:</p>

<LI>Find out what happened;
<LI>Find out what the Red Cross is doing about it;
<LI>Find out what "you can do" about it, including volunteering;
<LI>Donate on the spot.

<p>We have an extensive review of this site in our book. We see no reason to duplicate that review on this CD, since "seeing is believing" and you can review the site for yourself by clicking here. <A HREF=""><b>(</b></A><IMG SRC="/alabook/chapters/earth.gif"></p>

<p>However, we can "bullet" certain features that are worth emulating:</p> <UL>

<LI>The Red Cross site has a powerful and sophisticated "search engine." <A HREF=""> <b>(</b></A><IMG SRC="/alabook/chapters/earth.gif">. No matter how well-organized, every large web site needs a good search mechanism. Sophisticated visitors will often use your search engine rather than follow your table of contents or your clever icons. <p>

<LI>The Red Cross is one of the first large agencies to allow online donations <A HREF=""> <b></b></A><IMG SRC="/alabook/chapters/earth.gif">, using your American Express, Visa, or MasterCard. <p>

<LI>The Red Cross has built in a number of interactive "involvement" devices. The site encourages volunteerism <A HREF=""> <b>(</b></A><IMG SRC="/alabook/chapters/earth.gif"> by helping the visitor to find his or her local chapter and telling them to call or visit. The "Feedback" <A HREF=""> <b>(</b></A><IMG SRC="/alabook/chapters/earth.gif"> icon leads to a page that allows direct submission of questions and comments to the national chapter, as well as comments about the web site.


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