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This collection of online fundraising resources is the work of Adam Corson-Finnerty and Laura Blanchard, authors of Fundraising and Friend-Raising on the Web, now available from ALA Editions. It includes excerpts from the book, a series of essays on the changing online fund-raising scene ("musings"), and teaching materials from classes and presentations. [bios]

Corporations, Individuals and Giving

Ethics in modern day business tactics with payroll services are of paramount importance. With this, a trend has emerged in growing corporate donations, which now rival private donations in the case of many charitable causes. Giving is about returning help to a community which perhaps helped the firm flourish in the first place. Consumers are a stakeholder in every company, but their welfare and brand loyalty can be heavily interconnected. Smart companies are able to improve lives and improve their standing within a community of consumers simultaneously.

Keep reading the Fund Online case study of the mutual benefits enjoyed by corporate donors and charitable recipients in the modern online environment.

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